Meadow’s Animal Healthcare are suppliers of premium products to assist veterinarians, aviculturalists and animal owners in providing the best care for their patients and pets.

    As a UK based company we offer support, advice and veterinary back-up on our ranges of products both in the UK and to an international market. 

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    Harrison's Bird Foods

    Harrison’s Bird Foods is a range of certified organic, formulated diets. Created by avian veterinarian, Dr Greg Harrison, and developed by veterinarians and nutritionalists, they provide the optimal nutrition for pscittacines and most passerine birds making them the choice of avian veterinary experts throughout the world to help combat avian malnutrition. The range also includes foods for critical care and neonatal/juvenile rearing.

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    Specialist Equipment

    We offer a number of items of specialist equipment sourced to help you take the best care of your animals, including hand feeding equipment, nebulisers and UV lighting


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    F10 Disinfection and Treatment Products

    The F10 range comprises full spectrum disinfectants for all aspects of hygiene, and licensed treatment products proven effective in the treatment of a vast range of ailments in all pets.

    F10 Products

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    Veterinary Ordering

    Most products are available from your veterinary wholesaler but for non-UK vets or those wishing to order directly please place an order by phone, fax or email.