F10’s ‘The Facts’

The Facts of F10 Book

The Facts are a selection of professional user reviews and papers produced by Health and Hygiene, developers and manufacturers of the F10 range.

Notice to UK readers

Issue 1 - Respiratory Disease in Exotics and Small Animals

Issue 2 - Control of Circovirus Infection in Pscittacine Birds using F10SC Disinfectant and Avian Gamma Interferon. (addressing issues of F10SC Disinfectant to Decontaminate Aviaries)

Issue 3 - Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Zone of Inhibition Determination Methods to be Used when Testing F10®SC Disinfectants

Issue 4 - Determination of Disinfectant Residues in Tissue After Oral Supplementation of Drinking Water with F10®SC Disinfectant

Issue 5 - The Need for Biosecurity in a Veterinary Practice Today

Issue 6 - F10®, A Novel Product Range Most Suited to Zoological Medicine(addressing issues of wound management, nebulising, flushing, fogging, dermatomycoses and hospital hygiene).

Issue 7 - Some Experiences in the Use of F10® in the Treatment of Reptiles (addressing issues of biosecurity, nebulising, nasal flushing, wound irrigation, soak therapy, wound management and fungal dermatitis).

Issue 8 - The Use of F10® in Falcon Medicine: Practical Applications (addressing issues of biosecurity, fogging, nebulising, flushing, bumblefoot and incubation).

Issue 9 - The Role of F10® Products in the Aviculture Health and Hygiene Strategy at the New International Centre for Birds of Prey (addressing issues of biosecurity, fogging, nebulising, flushing, bumblefoot and incubation).

Issue 10 - Some Experiences and Successes with F10® Products in Equine Practice(addressing issues of wound management, wound irrigation, nasal flushing, uterine flushing, ringworm, veneral infection and infection control).

Issue 11 - Experiences with F10® in Equine Practice (addressing issues of ringworm, veneral infection, pedal osteitisin, wound management and wound irrigation).

Issue 12 - Biofilms: Importance and Control in Biosecurity and Disease Management from a Veterinary Perspective(addressing issues of inert and biological biofilm, biosecurity and wound management).

Issue 13 - F10® Used to Treat Abcesses in Two African Elephants (addressing issues of abcesses, flushing, wound management and wound irrigation).

Issue 14 – F10 Used in the Process of Enucleation and Exenteration in Exotic Animals.

Issue 15 – Managing Dog Bite Wounds and Fly-Strike in Hedgehogs

Issue 16 – Traumatic Facial Wound in a Nile Monitor

Issue 17 - The use of F10 as a treatment for bacterial and fungal disease in anurans

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