Use an Avian specific bulb

Choose a bulb specifically designed for Birds so as to have the correct ratios of wavelengths that your bird needs and a suitable refresh/flicker rate. Incandescent bulbs, including neodymium types do not emit UV and thus are not suitable for birds. Lamps high in UVB, such as reptile lamps, can cause cataracts, and should be avoided for bird use. Aquarium lamps do not offer the correct red:blue ratio, and again should be avoided.

Tips for using your bulb:

  • When chosing your type of bulb consider your individual Bird’s habits for example Does your bird spend most of the day out of his/her cage sitting elsewhere in the house? If so then you may be best considering a floor stand so that the light can be moved to wherever your bird likes to be.
  • Do not use a glass or protective lens between the lamp and the bird - this will reduce the UV light that your bird receives.

It is important that the Bird Lamp is replaced each year ( or as recommended by the manufacturer). UV phosphors deteriorate at three times the speed of visible light phosphors. The human eye cannot see this reduction but the lamp will be ineffective after approximately one year's use.

  • Do not rely on lighting to provide all the vitamin D3 that your bird needs. Your bird's diet should also be appropriate.

  • Suspend the bulb or tubes 30 to 45cm above the top of the cage. An Arcadia reflector will ensure that all the light is directed downward towards your bird.

The addition of an Arcadia Reflector above the lamp will ensure that all the light is focused downwards towards the bird and that light is not 'wasted' in the wrong direction
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