Arcadia lighting products

Providing avian lighting

Using lighting specifically designed for birds provides the optimal levels of UV to ensure they remain in the best physical and mental health. The Arcadia lighting range is specifically developed to provide optimal light for your birds.

Use an avian specific bulb

Choose a bulb specifically designed for birds so as to have the correct ratios of wavelengths that your bird needs and a suitable refresh/flicker rate. Incandescent bulbs, including neodymium types do not emit UV and thus are not suitable for birds. Lamps which are very high in UVB, such as some reptile lamps, can cause cataracts, and should be avoided for bird use. Aquarium lamps do not offer the correct red:blue ratio, and again should be avoided.

  • When choosing your type of bulb consider your individual bird’s habits. For example, does your bird spend most of the day out of his/her cage sitting elsewhere in the house? If so then you may be best considering a floor stand so that the light can be moved to wherever your bird likes to be.
  • Do not use a glass or protective lens between the lamp and the bird - this will reduce the UV light that your bird receives.
  • It is important that the Bird Lamp is replaced each year (or as recommended by the manufacturer). UV phosphors deteriorate at three times the speed of visible light phosphors. The human eye cannot see this reduction, but the lamp will be ineffective after approximately one year's use.
  • Do not rely on lighting to provide all the vitamin D3 that your bird needs. Your bird's diet should also be appropriate.


PureSun mini

An easy to use, modern and attractive UVA and UVB enhanced full-spectrum lighting kit.

Comes as a complete kit including:

  • flicker free electronics

  • 8-watt linear Arcadia Bird lamp 2.4% UV-B

  • highly polished UK-made acrylic bracket and fittings kit

The lamp is guaranteed to be UV potent for 12 whole months of use (up to 12 hours a day).

PureSun Compact Bird Lamps

Electronic – zero flicker, even to the eyes of the bird

  • 4% UVB and 30% UVA for optimal avian use
  • Fits directly into any household bulb socket (E27), meaning that it can easily be mounted over the cage using a suitable standard lamp, or wall mounted lamp fitting (though this should be positioned close to the bird or its housing)
  • Energy saving lamp - runs at 20W, but the output is equivalent to a regular 100W bulb
  • Not dimmable

Compact lighting Unit

  • Can be bolted onto a bird cage
  • Universal ceramic E27 fitting (therefore compatible with any Arcadia screw fitting lamp)
  • Directional light with multiple angles
  • Removable safety mesh
  • High performance aluminium reflector
  • Sturdy aluminium housing

    Mini UVB Avian Lighting Kit

    • Mini UVB kit comes complete with UVB bulb, holder and reflector

    • Ideal for larger rooms by connecting up to 10 Arcadia mini kits to just one power supply

    • Provides high quality full spectrum +UVB light (2.4% UVB)