Harrison's Bird Foods

Provide proper nutrition for your bird's lifetime care

The single most important thing you can do for your bird is to feed it right. Your bird deserves a great diet that will help it to thrive, not just survive - that is why Harrison's diets were created.

Harrison’s Bird Foods are:

  • Scientifically formulated to provide a balance of essential nutrients
  • Certified organic
  • Developed and endorsed by leading avian vets

Formulated for optimal Nutrition

Over 80% of avian disease is thought to be linked to malnutrition, so feeding the right diet is crucial for the good health of your bird.

Harrison’s Bird Food provides essential nutrients, in the correct proprtions, to enable you to serve a diet that will help your bird to thrive.

They eliminate the need for supplementation and avoid the problems that result from ‘buffet feeding’, helping you to ensure your bird is getting the best diet.

Certified Organic

Birds can be badly affected by artificial ingredients in their food. Harrison's Bird Foods are certified organic. Potentially harmful herbicides, pesticides, preservatives and synthetic colourings are eliminated from the range.

They are made from premium-quality, human-grade cereals, using a low-temperature extrusion process which ensures the food’s natural qualities are preserved and digestibility is improved.

Developed and endorsed by leading avian vets

By drawing on the combined expertise of veterinarians, nutritionists and aviculturists, Harrison’s have produced a premium range of scientifically formulated foods that provide pet birds with the levels of macro- and micro-nutrients they require for good health.

The Harrison’s Bird Foods range has diets for pscittacines and most passerine birds, and are the choice of avian veterinary experts throughout the world to help combat avian malnutrition.

The range also includes foods for critical care and neonatal/juvenile rearing. A range of gavage tubes to facilitate hand-feeding is also available.

More information

Meadow's Animal Healthcare is the official UK distributor of Harrison's Bird Foods through HBF-UK. Visit the HBF-UK website for full information on the product range and its benefits.