Gavage/crop tubes

Gavage/crop tubes for dosing or feeding of small animals and birds

Available in curved or straight, in a variety of sizes.

Please contact us if you require other sizes or lengths.

The sizes available are:

  • 8g (approx 15cm long)
  • 10g (approx 12.5cm long)
  • 12g (approx 10.5cm long)
  • 14g (approx 9cm long)
  • 16g (approx 9cm long)
  • 18g (approx 6cm long)

A guideline to sizes for use with birds:

  • 8g - for Harris hawks, large macaws, large cockatoos
  • 10g - for small macaws, small cockatoos
  • 12g - for African greys, Amazons, most falcons
  • 14g - for cockatiels, budgerigars and small parakeets, plus small raptors
  • 16g - for finches and canaries
  • 18g - for waxbills and other small birds

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