Why choose F10®?

Why choose the F10® disinfectant range?

The F10® product range is widely recognised as being a highly effective means to keep you, and the animals in your care, safe from disease, with its high levels of efficacy and safety setting it apart from other products.

Used in some of the world’s leading veterinary hospitals in many countries across the globe the F10® product range is:

  • Effective

  • Safe for you and your animals when used at recommended dilution rates

  • Easy to use

  • Independently tried and tested

  • Biodegradable

  • Cost effective


The F10®SC disinfectant on which the range is based has been proven effective against all known types of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

It has proven rapid kill times of less than 30 secs for gram positive bacteria, 60 secs for gram negative bacteria and a log5 (100,000) reduction in coronavirus in just 5 minutes*.

It is also proven to be environmentally effective against the protozoal oocysts of cryptosporidium, coccidia and giardia**.

* Using F10®SC at 1:250 dilution rate; **  at a 1:100 dilution rate.


At recommended dilutions F10® disinfectant products are non-corrosive, non-tainting, non-irritating, and chlorine- and aldehyde-free, so you can be sure they are safe for you and the animals in your care.

With this level of safety, after application they can be left to air-dry - even on 'high-touch' surfaces. This increases the contact time, and further improves their efficiency. This is far more effective, and practical, than products which must be rinsed off, or areas being 'off-limits' while the disinfecting process is in place.

The non-corrosive and non-tainting nature also means that they are safe for use with equipment*.

* Note that if using F10® in a fogger, equipment which may be affected by liquids such as computers, televisions, other electrical items, or sensitive machinery, should be covered or removed from the room

The F10® Hand and Skin Decontaminants gain their efficiency from F10®'s disinfecting properties meaning that they can be highly effective without relying on a high alcohol content. The lower alcohol content in the F10® range makes them much gentler on skin and will help increase willingness to use them.

Easy to use

At working dilutions F10® products are safe to be left to air dry - and indeed you should leave them, to provide maximum contact time. This removes a step in the disinfecting process, as there is no need to rinse or wipe off, speeding up your hygiene regime.

Alongside traditional methods, the F10® range also offers innovative applications enabling you to ensure more complete disinfection, through simple methods. The Aerosol Disinfectant and Aerosol Fogger are two such products, enabling thorough disinfection of hard to reach places and even the air space in the room.

Independently tried and tested

F10® products have been used by customers for over 20 years across 35+ countries. F10®’s complete spectrum of efficiency has been proven in hundreds of product specific tests by independent accredited laboratories using standard test protocols including EN (EU), APVMA (Aus) AOAC/EPA (USA).

To date F10® has been independently assessed and approved with over 50 company and product registrations by regulatory authorities around the world. Unfortunately the efficacy and safety of disinfectant products put onto some markets is unregulated meaning many available products have had no independent professional assessment. It is therefore important for you to check the products you are using.

Ecological impact

The F10® disinfectant range is biodegradable and at working dilution rates is zero hazard rated for EU standards.

Cost effective

Although the safety of you, colleagues, customers, and the animals in your care will be your number one priority, cost may also be a factor for you. Whilst F10®'s market-leading position in ensuring the former is clear, remember that that its high levels of efficiency mean it is also cost-effective.

F10®SC is a super-concentrated product, which means in most cases it has a higher dilution rate than competitor products - so you use far less each time you disinfect. F10®'s levels of safety and ease of use also save you valuable ‘application’ and ‘down’ time in the disinfecting process.

For disinfectant solutions knowing the usage cost is key - it is more important than an individual ‘pack cost’. Calculate all your costs when disinfecting using your current product, and then compare it with using F10® - we think F10® will compare favourably.

Compare F10® with other disinfectants

* = The F10® treatment products are based on the same core actives as the F10® disinfectant range. They are licensed under the Exemption for Small Pet Animals.

Alternatively, please use this more detailed comparison check list.

There isn't another range of disinfection and hygiene products on the market that ticks as many boxes as the F10® range.

Don't put at risk your health, or that of your colleagues, clients, family, or animals in your care. Use F10® for your disinfection and hygiene requirements.