F10® Aerosol Fogger

A 500ml, single use canister, filled with F10®SC disinfectant at a dilution (1:80) proven effective against all known types of pathogen - including high resistant viruses such as Circovirus (PBFD) or Parvovirus - for complete room disinfection. It's a fast, easy and effective way to disinfect rooms as part of a regular regime, or after a high risk situation.

Simply activate the canister and leave it to disinfect the room in around 15 minutes. The fogging mist created will fill the room, disinfecting both the air - to kill airborne viruses - and also surfaces within the room, including hard to reach areas.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Veterinary surgeons - this product can be ordered through your wholesaler, or contact us for ordering information.

Uses of F10® Aerosol Foggers

The foggers are extremely easy to use, and provide highly effective, fast disinfection of all types of room. Use:

  • as part of a regular disinfection programme
  • or to thoroughly disinfect an entire room following a potentially infectious outbreak

Using an F10® Aerosol Fogger will disinfect:

  • all surfaces which will have been touched
  • all places expelled airborne particles may have settled
  • the air within the room

The mist from the fogger will cover the room. No need to stand on ladders to disinfect; no need to worry about whether you sprayed everywhere. Let the F10® Aerosol Fogger do it for you.

How to use F10® Aerosol Foggers

The mist will fill a space of up to 35m3, so in larger rooms simply activate foggers in different parts of the room so the whole area is covered.

  • Remove from the room any animals (some may have an adverse reaction to the small amount of alcohol in the propellant), and remove or cover any sensitive equipment (e.g. computers, televisions) which may be affected if they were to become damp
  • Shake the canister well before use
  • Put the fogger on a plastic sheet, plate, or similar (to catch a small amount of the propellant which may dribble from the nozzle)
  • Place it on the floor in the centre of the room - or in larger rooms, where multiple foggers are needed, place it within the centre of the part of the room to be covered
  • Close any doors or windows
  • Remove the cap and depress the button on the nozzle until it clicks into place
  • Leave the room
  • Allow the canister to fully evacuate (usually around 5 minutes), and the mist to settle (around 10 minutes) before returning to the room
  • Leave the damp surfaces to air dry to ensure full disinfection

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More information about this product

We are happy to help, and advise on the use of this product and how it can fit with your hygiene regime. Please contact us for any information.

The F10® product range is developed and manufactured by Health and Hygiene (Pty) Ltd in South Africa.

Almost all plastic elements used in the packaging of F10® products are made from HDPE 2 materials and are widely recycled. This includes the bottles, caps, pumps, sprays, tubes and tubs.