F10 Cold Sterilant with Rust Inhibitor

This solution is based on the F10 core actives with a rust inhibitor for rapid cold sterilisation of heat-sensitive equipment and surgical instruments such as endoscopes, clipper blades, catheters and stainless steel instruments.

No rinsing is required.

The F10 core actives achieve a broad spectrum kill of a wide range of potentially harmful micro-organisms, and are active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Available in 5 litre 'ready to use' bottles.

Veterinary surgeons - this product can be ordered through your wholesaler, or contact us for ordering information

How to use F10 Cold Sterilant

  • Rinse the instrument/device with clean water and brush off the surface debris as necessary

  • Thoroughly scrub with F10CLXD Disinfectant Cleanser at a 1:20 (50ml to 1 litre of water) dilution and leave fully submerged in that solution for 10 minutes

  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water

  • Fully submerge in F10 Sterilant for 10 minutes (ensure all surfaces are exposed to the solution and lumens are filled)

  • Remove wearing sterile gloves, use immediately or dry and store in sterile container

  • No need to rinse

  • Best practice is to replace Sterilant solution daily

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    We are happy to help, and advise on the use of this product and how it can fit with your hygiene regime. Please contact us for any information.

    The F10 product range is developed and manufactured by Health and Hygiene in South Africa.

    • Safety data sheet for F10 Cold Sterilant with Rust Inhibitor (called 'F10 Sterilant' in the document)